About Seeds of Generosity

Seeds of Generosity was founded by Duane Light, a Holistic Attorney with over 30 years experience working with and raising money for nonprofits. Duane has raised millions of dollars for nonprofits through direct fundraising and charitably-based estate planning. He developed this project to help to inspire character, community and compassion in future generations while also encouraging the growth of philanthropy and social investing in our society. Duane works with donors, takes care of legal needs, and manages the organization. Karen DeTore is a K-8 teacher with a Masters in Education Administration and experience as an administrator. Karen coordinates class formats and lesson plans with schools, teacher and students, while working as needed with donors to implement their giving and educational goals. You can see Duane's bio here and Karen's bio here.

Seeds of Generosity is a nonprofit project sponsored by MarinLink, a 501(c)(3) organization based in San Rafael, California. The project was officially launched in early August, 2011 and the pilot classes are currently underway. Once our own learning experience with the pilot classes has been completed, we will expand our operations to more classes and schools, continuing to work with donors to help them amplify their giving through future generations.


Our Resources and Partners

LearningtoGive.org provides more than 1,400 free State-certified lesson plans for K-12 that teach giving, civic engagement and character through service-learning. These lesson plans provide proven templates for teachers to customize lessons iin philanthropy, micro-lending to the poor, and Socially Responsible Investing.

Learning To GIve Website


www.NaturalInvesting.com is an investment consulting company that specializes exclusively in socially responsible investing. Hal Brill, a founder of the company, is author of Investing With Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference. We are also very grateful to have Hal as a member of our Advisory Board, as he provides guidance for our educational programs as well as being one of many SRI advisors that donors can designate to manage the investments.

Natural Investments website


www.Kiva.org is a non-profit organization that facilitates loans from private individuals of as little as $25 to help alleviate poverty worldwide. Kiva has a quite phenomenal loan payback rate of over 98%. Working with microfinance institutions on five continents, Kiva helps provide loans to people who have no access to traditional banking systems. One hundred percent of each loan is sent to these microfinance institutions, which Kiva calls Field Partners, who administer the loans in the field. Kiva relies on a world wide network of over 450 volunteers who work with its Field Partners, edit and translate borrower stories, and ensure the smooth operation of countless other Kiva programs. On the Kiva website, students can review real projects and people, make international connections, and loan money to help the poor become self-sufficient.

Kiva website


To summarize, our goals are to:

  • Provide hands-on experiences for students in philanthropy, socially-responsible investment, and micro-loans to the poor;
  • Inspire lifetimes of Character, Community and Compassion;
  • Raise money for nonprofits and for schools; and
  • Help to create a more generous and caring future for all of us.

Thank you again for visiting our website.

Please email Karen DeTore, Education Director, or Duane Light, Development Director, for more information.