The Joy of Generosity: A Grateful Donor's Story

A friend of Seeds of Generosity is a beneficiary of a charitable trust established from her 93-year-old grandfather's estate. She, her brother, and her father each are able to give around $70,000 a year to charities of their choice. This experience of giving to good causes has become one of the most important aspects of her life. Here is what she wrote about this experience and what it has meant to her:

"This charitable trust is quite possibly the best gift I've ever received in my life. I get to support causes that I love and be as involved in them (or uninvolved) as I want to be. It has given me a real tangible feeling of being able to doing something when I hear of great need. That is an immeasurably joyful feeling. I can donate to my child's school to manifest a dream of building a whimsical play structure. I donate to give artists opportunities to beautify places that need it. I can give to families that have no money for holiday gifts. Whatever comes before me, I have this gift of being able to help, and in a really substantial way. That's incredible."

- M.D., Ashland, Oregon



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